Let’s do this

The corona crisis has shown that we, as humans, are vulnerable. Social distance, virtual meetings, working from home without your colleagues around you.

But the crisis also shows us that we need real things. real feelings. Real contact. Real texture. And that is what we do with print.

That is why, now that we are allowed to come together at a safe distance,  we want to talk about exactly these aspects. We will be listening to international experts who can give us more insight in the expected position of print in a fast changing digital world. Do we need to worry or is this the chance we have been waiting for.

What are we going to do

On thursday September 10 at 14.00 hrs you are more than welcome at Aeroprint in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel. With a limited number of real life attendees and unlimited online streamers we’ll meet again. Look and feel graphic products, see what we can create together and listen to what the experts say about the position of print in a post Covid era.

We promise, it will not be a dull collection of talking heads if you log in to the stream… We’ve had enough of that during the last couple of moths.

In real life or online

While signing up for the event you can choose if you want to be at Aeroprint in Ouderkerk in person or want to join the “non-dull” live stream. The login credentials for the stream will be send days before we start.

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